The Pettway Proactive Plan


Protecting our Children in School

Since Columbine school shooting April 20, 1999, 214,000 students have been exposed to gun violence. There have been 141 students and teachers killed and 284 injured. This past school year across the nation we have average one school shooting per week! The mental carnage and impact it has on our children is enormous. Sergeant Pettway was dispatched to Minor High School when an armed intruder penetrated the school premises. He received a commendation for his heroic actions in dealing with the armed intruder. Sergeant Pettway witnessed the fright, intimidation and fear this evil act brought upon the children and their parents.

As Sheriff, Mark Pettway will ensure safe schools by advocating for enhanced equipment and increasing law enforcement's presence in our schools. He believes neither school administrators nor teachers should be responsible for using a weapon to protect our children; that's the job of law enforcement officers. As Sheriff, Mark Pettway will request funding to place in each school a deputy who is trained in tactical situational awareness and prepared to protect our children from school violence. He also will seek to have law enforcement work with schools to provide active shooter and threat awareness training and to develop coordinated responses to emergency situations. We must protect our children and the school environment for them to experience learning without the fear of outside threats.  


Community Policing

As Sheriff, Mark Pettway will see to it that law enforcement is visible in, accessible to, and works with the communities it serves. He believes transparency is needed to build the public's trust and will utilize new technology, such as street cameras and body cameras on patrol deputies, to promote transparency. Law enforcement officers also must be prepared to proactively address and reduce the occurrence of crime in our community, and law enforcement will educate neighborhood associations, neighborhood watch groups, and community partners on steps they can take to help effect these shared goals. As sheriff, Mark Pettway will bring summer sports and educational programs to the community for children to participate. Mark Pettway has already received commitments from business owners to assist in funding, participating and mentoring the children to ensure success!


Criminal Justice Reform

As Sheriff, Mark Pettway will advocate for effective mentoring programs that will steer young people away from destructive behaviors and decisions. He will implement programs in the jail that will allow inmates to earn a GED or High School Diploma and provide opportunities for them to learn a skilled trade, such as heating & air, plumbing or electrical trades. Studies show that individuals who complete such programs are 90% less likely to become repeat offenders. Given that many individuals turn to crime when they lack earning potential, these programs will help inmates walk into better circumstances when they leave the jail and reenter society.


Law Enforcement Training

As a Law Enforcement Instructor, Mark Pettway knows that training is critical for our deputies to recognize and better address the needs of citizens suffering from mental illnesses and drug addictions. Nationally, we have witnessed instances when de-escalation training would have been beneficial. As Sheriff, Mark Pettway pledges to ensure frequent training on appropriate use of force, and he will also prioritize helping those with mental illnesses and drug addictions access resources and treatment.